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    We are an innovative company in the automotive industry with a strong background in data and technology and the largest dealer of pre-owned cars in Central and Eastern Europe with a 30-year history.

    The Group sells pre-owned cars through the following key brands; Mototechna, AAA AUTO, AUTO DISKONT and, most recently, Driverama, an e-commerce platform for buying and selling pre-owned cars in Western Europe. The Group’s fifth brand is RESULMATIC, a proprietary software for better sourcing and selling used cars.

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Karolína Topolová receives Marketer of the Year 2017 award for her achievements

The Managing Director of AURES Holdings also views her place in the competition as a reward for 20 years of successful activity for the biggest used car dealer - AAA AUTO

Prague, 18 May 2018 – The board of the Czech Marketing Association organises the Marketer of the Year competition every year. The purpose of the competition is to identify people who are contributing to the successful development of their own company or institution and also the development of marketing in general. The Marketer of the Year award for 2017 was yesterday awarded to the Managing Director of the AURES Holdings group with the Mototechna brand, which was the first to utilise a gap in the market by meeting customer demand for nearly new used cars, establishing a completely new segment within the context of the AAA AUTO dealership network.

“I appreciate this award very much. Mototechna is nearly six years old and feels like my child. Everyone here at the company regards it as a synonym for our innovative approach. We have sold over 40,000 vehicles through Mototechna since it was first established, and last year was a milestone for us, not only because of a further increase in sales of nearly new cars, but also because of an expansion of communications through the web interface and social networks and an expansion of the company’s scope of business activities, not forgetting the creation of new projects that resulted in a gradual division into other group brands for better customer orientation – Mototechna Servis, Mototechna Premium, Mototechna Classic, Mototechna Drive and the AuresLab Innovation Laboratory,“ said the Managing Director of AURES Holdings, who has for the past twenty years played a key role in the success of AAA AUTO - the biggest used car and nearly used car dealer in Central and East Europe.

The advantage of nearly new cars under the Mototechna brand compared to new cars is that they are available immediately at a price that is up to 40% lower than a new car. There are approximately twenty marques in the offer of 1,200 vehicles and most of them are under warranty from the manufacturer. The brand has become the biggest nearly new used car dealer in the Czech Republic over a period of five years. Cars from Mototechna are offered in all 22 of the group’s branches  in the Czech Republic and in fourteen branches in Slovakia. “When we were deciding on how to introduce an independent segment of nearly new used cars onto the market we were lucky in choosing the renowned and nostalgia-laden Mototechna brand, which we acquired at the time. People still remember this brand from the era of Communism, when it became a symbol for new cars that were in short supply and long queues, and the requirement to fill in an application form for a car. We based our communications on nostalgia and on contrast – there are naturally no queues now and you don’t have to register in a waiting list. You simply choose the vehicle and drive the car home after a few hours. The campaign was based on the provision of new and higher value to the customer, a guarantee of the most affordable prices on the market,“ Topolová added.

The essential characteristics of Mototechna are the immediate availability of the cars, the lower prices compared to new cars, and, most importantly, the focus on the customer in the form of a VIP service and above-standard services, which include a dedicated line in the Call Centre and care from our most experienced employees. Mototechna has gradually expanded its service to include servicing (Mototechna Servis) and car hire (Mototechna Drive) and has also established the AURESLAB Innovation Laboratory.

Karolína Topolová regularly features in the prestigious TOP 25 women in Czech Business competition and has been named the most influential woman in Czech business by Forbes Magazine for the last three years. She has also been awarded the Lady Pro title and she regularly places among the finalists of Manager of the Year, a competition in which she also won the Young Managerial Talent award. Under her leadership, the AAA AUTO Company has risen from 67th to 48th place in the CZECH TOP 100 and has garnered the prestigious European Business Awards 2016/2017, where it emerged as the second highest rated company in Europe out of the 33 participating countries. It has also won the Superbrands award for two consecutive years.

Karolína Topolová is married and has a four-year old daughter.


Zlatá karta_logo AAA The AAA AUTO used car dealership network has been active on the market for 26 years. It includes over 40 branches in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. It is a member of the AURES Holdings Group, which is owned by majority stakeholder the British-Polish Abris Capital Partners Fund. Throughout its existence the company has served over 2 million customers. In 2017 it sold 75,400 vehicles and is therefore one of the biggest used car dealers in Central and East Europe from the aspect of the number of sold vehicles. It also offers nearly new cars under the revived Mototechna brand. The company regularly places in the CZECH TOP 100 and the Czech 100 best charts. It also became the holder of the prestigious Superbrands award in 2017 and 2018 and placed 2nd in the European-wide Business Awards 2016/2017 competition. The AAA AUTO and Mototechna brands are the official partners to the supreme Czech football competition – the HET league.




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